specializing in the Schroth Method:  a non-surgical scoliosis specific exercise approach for scoliosis curve alignment

LOCATED IN Orange COUNTY, California 

Supplies Required for in-home Schroth

The following is available or purchase from Almonte Physical Therapy & Schroth
1.  Wall Bar 
2.  7 foot poles (1 pair)
3.  Velcro Fabric Belt 
4.  Traction Belt with Buckle as well as a door anchor
5.  Rice bags, 3 rectangle, 2 wedge

6.  Hanging Straps (Made of strong webbing)

The following can be purchased on Amazon or Target
1.  Wall portable mirror
2.  Physioball
3.  Yoga mat
4. Regular stool for sitting exercises
5. Pull up bar if Wall Bar is not an option